Welcome to the Home of Apostle Les D. Crause

I would like to welcome you to my home on the web.

Here you can get to know me better, learn more about what I do, and perhaps we can set up a relationship for the future that can lead to us working together in the Kingdom of God. 

If you do not know me or are not familiar with my ministry, I invite you to search for Les D. Crause on Google, and you will find my name in many places online. This is because I have been ministering internationally for over 20 years now, reaching out to the leaders in the Body of Christ. 

For more detail on how the Lord has led and used me, have a look at the link above labelled 'About Les', which will give you a breakdown of how the Lord has led me over the years. 

What I Do

My main mandate is to raise up leaders and train them to build the Future Church, based on a pattern that is different to the way most churches are run today. God's idea for His church include some of the things that the Early Church had, plus many more new things that are needed in the times in which we live. 

He began preparing me over 40 years ago for this task, and during that time I have produced materials that embrace all aspects of ministry at all levels. I have been training the Fivefold Ministry for over 20 years, and have put together training mechanisms for Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists. 

I have set up ministries and training schools, established church systems and birthed many spiritual and apostolic children over the years. And now it is time for the Lord to extend my spiritual family and to open the way for me to reach out to the nations with all that He has given me.

What The Lord Plans to Do 

I spent over 17 years hidden away in Mexico, where I established training schools online that reached out across the globe to train God's leaders. Then we returned to our homeland of South Africa, where I continued the online training while establishing a live training school in Johannesburg. 

Now it it time to hand this over to others, and make myself available to the Body of Christ to continue the work of setting up training centers for those whom the Lord has called to lead the Future Church.

 The Lord told me long ago that He has many Apostolic Ministry Couples throughout the nations of the world that I will be involved with in the future. I will help them to set up ministry and training centers around the globe and establish a network of Fivefold Leaders who will bring change to the Body of Christ.

Are You Amongst God's Elite?

If you have established a ministry and would like to set up a training school for the Fivefold Ministry, then I would like to meet you. 

My forte is helping leaders to set in place a training mechanism for the Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists that God is raising up today. To help you do this, I have decided to make myself available personally, along with all the resources that the Lord has permitted me to create over a long period of time. 

I am prepared to spend time with you personally to help you set up a training school that will enable you to raise up and send out workers into the field. You will be able to establish your ministry and build a ministry that is fully functional in the training of all of the Fivefold.

To find out more about what I have to offer, have a look at the link above labeled 'What I Do'


Apostle Les D. Crause

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